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I have written several books on the history of the Wardlaws, both in America and Scotland. Some of these books are not available now. Write to me for availability if interested.






The long-awaited second volume of "Wardlaw Chronicle" is now available!

by Diane Wardlaw - 686 pgs.
Now offering "Wardlaw Chronicle II" on flash drive for $129.00
Also includes "Wardlaw Chronicle - Vol. I"
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This second volume begins with the immigrant from Scotland, Robert (A1) Wardlaw, and covers much of the very early history of their coming to America and settling in Brownsburg, Virginia.
This book has much more detail and information after many more years of research and documentation. The generations are beginning with A and covering down through the D generation, some E, F & G. This is an ongoing work and this edition is the first preliminary offering. I will be continuing to work on this and adding more to it and filling in more on the later generations. But wanted to get this out now for all those of you who have been asking about it and waiting for it. 
WC II has profile pages on each ancestor, genealogy and ancestor charts, maps, documentation, wills, pictures of the ancestors and pictures of gravestones, and much more, most all in color. There are 23 pages of a very detailed Index. It is a very large book of 93MB and so won't be printed or sent in email. I am offering it on a flash drive for $129.00, mailing included. You can use PayPal to my email address, or send check to me, 223 Lazy River Rd, North Port, FL 34287.
WCII is a much expanded work continuing what was done in the first volume and goes into more detail and information. It is still using the same numbering system began with the book "Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family" by Joseph G. Wardlaw in the early 1900's. 
Included on the flash drive will be "Wardlaw Chronicle Vol. 1". I know you will enjoy seeing our Wardlaw history and seeing these things in a new way using computer technology and photography.

"Ancestral Earth - Scotland's Wardlaw History"

by Diane Wardlaw - 623 pgs

The history of the Wardlaws in Scotland from the 1800's back to the 1200's where we find the first recorded birth date of 1293. This book is based partially on "The Wardlaws in Scotland" by John C. Gibson (see below) but there is much much more info, documents, maps, photos and research added to it! We go back from 1293 on the King lines of Scotland and Ireland. There are charts, maps, pictures and documentation. At this time I had made five trips to Scotland gathering information and doing research. I went to all the Wardlaw places where they lived in Scotland and took pictures.

This book is not available now.

"Ancestral Earth - Part Two - Scotland our Homeland"

by Diane Wardlaw - 372 pgs.

All full-color photographs of the Wardlaw places in Scotland as taken by me on my five trips there. It is printed on acid-free, archival grade #70 beautiful matte-coated paper. 8-1/2"x11". 372 pages. There are color pictures on almost every page. Lots of new information, maps and documentation. Published April 2004.

Cost for this book is $75, which includes mailing in the U.S., add $24 for mailing out of the U.S. For members of the Clan Wardlaw Association the book is on sale for $60. See our Application Page to join. A complimentary copy for Platinum  Lifetime Membership.

"Ancestral Earth - Part Three
Scotland - Our Heritage"

by Diane Wardlaw - 808 pgs.

T0his book is the third in the series on the History of the Wardlaws in Scotland. These three volumes are the most comprehensive collection of everything Wardlaw. There are documents, charts, and pictures I've taken on my 11 trips to Scotland, going to the Wardlaw places, mansions and castles. 8-1/2"x11". There are 88 pages, 279 pages in color. The book is perfect-bound and has a vinyl cover. This book is not available at this time.

"Wardlaw Chronicle"

by Diane Wardlaw - 783 pgs.
The history of the America Wardlaws and Wardlows and related lines, it is fully indexed. It is based on the book "Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family" by Joseph G. Wardlaw, written in 1929, and has that book reproduced in it in reduced form. Almost any Wardlaw or Wardlow in America can trace their line back using this book. There is alot of information about them early in Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. I have now finished this book which includes all the new information I found on my three research trips I took back to Staunton, Virginia area 1995, 1996 and 1997. I found the actual Wardlaw lands in Borden's Grant, the churches where they went, graves, etc. Lots of wonderful pictures and documentation. Also included are many lines continuing on down. I have included as many lines as I could to help future generations find their connections, and to continue the work that Joseph G. Wardlaw started back in 1929. This book now has a complete index of everyone in the book and on all the charts. The section in it of "Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family" is also included in the index. This was the first book I wrote before there was alot of computer help available, but very comprehensive. Goes along with the tree in Ancestry.com - 'America Wardlaws'.
This book is not available at this time.
"The Wardlaws in Scotland"
by John C. Gibson 1912 (Reprints)
 There were only 200 of these books printed and I have an original copy. I had it copied and reprinted and now have them for sale, too, same size and binding. These reprints are exactly as the original except for the cover and binding. I have added into this reprint the pages of Temple Records of the Wardlaws from 1293 compiled by George B. Wardlaw, and info taken from this book.

318 pages. Copies of old "Temple Records" pages are added at the end of the book by me.

Sorry, this book is not available at this time.

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16GB Flash Drive with all six of the Wardlaw books on it!   Plus!! on the Flash Drive are two large folders of all my Scotland photographs, plus the latest Clan Wardlaw Newsletters, 'Wardlaw ivermair!' 

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"Ancestral Earth" - "Ancestral Earth - Part Two" - "Ancestral Earth - Part Three" - "Wardlaw Chronicle"

- "Wardlaw Chronicle II" -  "The Wardlaws in Scotland"

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Contact me for availability of any of the books, some are not available at this time. Please send check or money order for any of my books you want to me at:
Diane Wardlaw
223 Lazy River Road

North Port, Florida 34287


You may also pay with PayPal using my email address:   dianewardlaw7@yahoo.com
Please email me here if you have any questions. Mailing included in the U.S.A., overseas add $24.00.
Thank you.



Last year on eBay!

"Confederate Diaries and Letters" - by Pamela Stanfield

Civil War diaries and letters by Robert H. (E63) Wardlaw, and William Clarke (F50) Wardlaw - Lots of personal and family information, of Robert Henry Wardlaw's 10 sons who served the Confederacy and much more! A touching look into these families and what they went through during the Civil War.

"This book contains three diaries as well as various Civil War letters and documents. The first diary was written by Robert H. Wardlaw in 1820 when he was 13 years old and a young scholar and continues until age 18 when he learns of the death of his mother while he was away at school. Robert Wardlaw's ten sons all served the Confederacy and one of those sons, William C. Wardlaw is the author of the other two diaries. William Wardlaw was a captain in Company K of the 2nd SC Rifles, Jenkins Brigade. In addition to daily entries, he logs his locations when letters were sent or received. He writes almost daily of Molly, until he marries Josie. He reports Lincoln's death and the "humiliating ordeal of stacking our arms in the presence of the enemy" at Appomattox Court House. The diaries and letters were transcribed as written, as close to the originals as possible. Some photos are included which provide a realistic view of these fragile pieces of history."

Confederate Diaries and Letters by Pamela Stanfield (2015, Paperback)

$13.62 Buy It Now, plus $3.99 shipping. There are more than 10 available! I got one for the Clan Wardlaw Heritage Library and it is really a treasure trove of details and insights into these families. I highly recommend this book!


Often on eBay! Edward Henderson's book comes available on eBay from time to time! Chock full of very early Wardlaw history!! Your CWA Heritage Library now owns 5 of these books. We offer them for sale for $60 each, or if you join as a Platinum Member at $250 you get one free with your membership. You also get a copy of ''Ancestral Earth II'.

The History of Lochoreshire by E Henderson (h/b, pub. 1988)

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