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Welcome to our research and discovery Library!

All of my years of research are here, along with an extensive collection of books relating to our Wardlaw history and ancestry. The file

cabinet is full of folders with the documents and papers for each of the Wardlaw places in Scotland. Also, our Wardlaw history in America coming down from the Immigrant from Scotland, Robert (A1) Wardlaw and his son William (B1) Wardlaw beginning when they first settled in Brownsburg, Virginia.

Using this material along with the ancestry trees that we have on Ancestry.com gives us a very good picture of our history.

Also included here will be Jean Coker’s life-long work on the Wardlaws, Rollands and Dalgleishs.

Our Library is in a climate-controlled storage unit. This is a brand new facility, very clean and comfortable. This is a place that is now all ours, we don’t have to depend on any place or person to have us.

The continuation of the story

- We are now in our Library site and are ready for visitors. This has been a work of love for me and I have been joined in this endeavor by my daughter Georgia Trehuba who lives 1/4 mile from the site. She has recently joined the CWA as Family Member #213, and includes her daughter Sunny who has also been a great help. Georgia would be able to take over if I die. We have also brought Georgia in as an additional trustee. She is very enthusiastic and energetic for our cause! She has done a lot of the actual heavy lifting getting us set up here.

We invite all our members to come and visit the Library. Everyone who comes will receive a copy of my book “Ancestral Earth - Part Two” and other gifts of memorabilia of the Library. You can bring your laptop or iPad, your cell phone to take pictures of the Library or documents you want to copy, and anything else to take notes.

Florida is a wonderful place to visit and there is alot to do and see here! Great beaches, fishing & boating. Plan your vacation to take in our Wardlaw Heritage Library!

Coming from the north, take I-75 south to Exit 191 (River Road). Go on River Road to the intersection of U.S. 41, turn left, go 1.3 miles to entrance to Lazy River Village. When you call to arrange a time to meet I’ll give you the gate code to get in. You can make plans to get a motel or hotel room in North Port or Englewood. Call me to make a plan to come down, Diane at 727-415-4435.


You can contribute to the Wardlaw Heritage Library Trust

to perpetuate our resources for generations to come.


You can send your Donations to:
Diane Wardlaw
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