Jamaica Wardlaws

African Americans named in Jamaica Slave Census (referred to as "Returns")
Source: National Archives
Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834

T.71/178, img 124
Parish: Westmoreland
In Possession: George Collom as guardian
Owners: John Edward, Helen Catherine, George Henry Collom
Fanny as Frances Wardlow, negro, age 66, African
Margarite Wardlow, negro, age 44, Creole - Daughter of Frances Wardlaw (above)

T.71/190, img 82, 83, 84
Parish: Hanover
Owner: John M. Bucknor
Maryann Wardlow, mulatto, age 20, Creole
Alice Wardlow, mulatto, age 3, Creole - Daughter of Maryann Wardlow
James Walker, mulatto, age 9, Creole - Son of Maryann Wardlow
Willie, mulatto, age 7, Creole - Son of Maryann Wardlow

T.71/67, img 1083 & 1084
Parish: Manchester
Owner: Richard Henry Richardson
"Removed from St. Elizabeth (parish in Cornwall County) and registered there 1820."
    Tom - Thomas Wardlow, negro, age 46, African
    Reference to Thomas Wardlow owned by RH Richardson, Manchester 1829, cited T.71/71 - Page is blank
    Actson? - Robert Wardlow, negro, age 46, African
    Gray - George Wardlow, negro, age 46, African
    Hector - John Wardlow, negro, age 36, African
    Nestor - James Wardlow, negro, age 46, African
    Frank - Francis Wardlow, negro, age 20, Creole
    Jimmy - Billy Wardlow, negro, age 13, Creole - Son of "Eleanor" Elizabeth Bowen

T.71/46, img 2772 & 2773
Parish: St. Ann
In Possession: Thomas Bainbridge as renter
Owner: John Bainbridge
John Wardlow, negro, age 40, Creole - Purchased at workhouse

T.71/68, img 1295, 1296, 1997
Parish: Manchester
In Possession: M J Wolff as attorney
Owners: Hyman & Isidah Cohen
"By transfer of Richard Henry Richardson to Hyman & Isidah Cohen & registered by former in Manchester in 1823."
Hector alias James Wardlow, negro, age 39, African
Nestor alias James Wardlow, negro, age 49, African
Frank alias Francis Wardlow, negro, age 37, African
Jack alias Jack Wardlow, negro, age 23, Creole
Jimmy alias Billy Wardlow, negro, age 16, Creole - Son of "Eleanor" Elizabeth Bowen

T.71/161, img 2067
Parish: St. George
In Possession: John Wade as attorney
Owner: Fortunatus Dwarris
Charlotte Wardle, negro, Creole - Daughter of Jane Gray b. 20 November 1823
Charlotte Wardle, negro, age 2 1/2, Creole - Died 15 Feb 1825

T.71/69, img 51
Parish: Manchester
In Possession: John Salmon as attorney
Owner: Richard Boucher
Wimbley as Wardle, negro, age 9, Creole
? Mamble also Wardale, negro, age 29, Creole
? Rosiane Mamble also Wardale, negro

T.71/69, img 77
Parish: Manchester
Owners: Hyman & Isidah Cohen
Hector as John Wardlow, negro, age 41, African
Nestor as James Wardlow, negro, age 51, African
Frank as Francis Wardlow, negro, age 39, African
Jack Wardlow, negro, age 25, Creole
Jimmy as Billy Wardlaw, negro, age 18, Creole - Son of "Eleanor" Elizabeth Bowen
Eleanor Elizabeth appears in T.71/69, img 51 above.

T.71/70, img 89
Parish: Manchester
Owner: Frances King - Once attached to Mt. Pleasant Plantation
James Wardlaw, negro, age 3, Creole
If listed as family units, Hercules? Miller would be his parent or guardian.

T.71/134, img 337
Parish: St. Andrew
In Possession: ?? Desgantes as agent for William Anderson under lease
Owner: Col. Ross
Thomas Waddlo, negro, age 49, African

T.71/162, img 2103
Parish: St. George
In Possession of James Allen as executor
Owner: Rev Colin Donaldson
Robert Wardle, negro, age 21, Creole

T.71/186, img 47
Parish: Westmoreland
In Possession: James Lawson as attorney
Owner: The late Horace W. Beckford, Shrewsbury Estate
Jack Wardlow, negro, age 48, African - Died 16 July 1828

T.71/51, img 194
Parish: St. Ann
Owner: Robert Robinson
John Wardlaw, negro, 46, Creole

T.71/73, img 1705
Parish: Manchester
Owner: Richard Boucher
Billy Wardlow, black, age 20, Creole - Death

T.71/198, img 41 & 42
Parish: Hanover
Owner: Eliza Roe Bucknor
Maryann Wardlow, mulatto, age 44, Creole

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