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We have lots of Wardlaw information for everyone, and lots of great things going on! Be sure to visit often and we hope you can join us!! We have members from the countries shown here with their flags!  Wardlaws are truly international! Everyone welcome! Any Wardlaw, related Wardlaw, any spelling, collateral branches, anyone just interested in the Wardlaws! 


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The long-awaited second volume of "Wardlaw Chronicle" is now available on flash drive!

by Diane Wardlaw - 686 pgs.
"Wardlaw Chronicle II" special price now $129.00
Also includes "Wardlaw Chronicle I"


This second volume begins with the immigrant from Scotland, Robert (A1) Wardlaw, and covers much of the very early history of their coming to America and settling in Brownsburg, Virginia.
Read more about it on the 'Wardlaw Books' page.


NEW! Wardlaw Heritage Library is now catalogued!

Watch our progress here!



As of today, September 9, 2021, all the books are entered.


If anyone is interested in what we have in our Library I can email you a list of the books. Email me

There are different icons that show different ways to see the books; List, Cards, Covers and Shelves. The Shelves icon puts the books on shelves and you can see the covers of the books that have covers.

Pretty cool!



Our NEW Wardlaw page at House of Tartan! Click to go see!!

You can see both the Modern version and the Muted version. (see kilts below)



Trotter House - Brownsburg, Virginia

This house has now been sold and I've been in contact with the new owners who are very interested in the Wardlaw history of the house!



Our Wardlaw friend, Amy Bullard, found this on Zillow and shot it over to me to share with you! This is one of the original houses that the Wardlaws built when they first settled in Brownsburg. See the Zillow page here:




Mark Wardlaw has set up a Facebook page for us. Go to "Clan Wardlaw Association"

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Please indicate whether you are donating to the Clan Wardlaw Association or the Wardlaw Heritage Library Trust


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