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Welcome to the New Clan Wardlaw Association website!

We have lots of Wardlaw information for everyone, and lots of great things going on! Be sure to visit often and we hope you can join us!! We have members from the countries shown here with their flags!  Wardlaws are truly international!! 




Everyone welcome! Any Wardlaw, related Wardlaw, any spelling, collateral branches, anyone just interested in the Wardlaws!

Wardlaw / Wardlow / Wardlawe / Wardloe / Wardlaw-Ramsay / Mark-Wardlaw / Wedlaw/Wedlow


Our NEW Wardlaw page at House of Tartan! Click to go see!! You can see both the Modern version and the Muted version. (see kilts below)




       Both have now been sold!


We have outgrown our Wardlaw kilts and now offer them for sale. My kilt is the Modern and Andrew's is the Muted. Both very beautiful! Both made in Scotland. 


The dimensions for Andrew's Muted are Waist 31"-34", Length 23-1/2".

I will put the dimensions for mine soon. My kilt has been sold. 


We are putting these up for sale for way below the original cost of making them. We are asking $400 each, plus $100 each donation to the Clan Wardlaw Association. 


These are high quality garments and are both just slightly used. 


Please reply to: if you are interested.


'Wardlaw ivermair!'

3D model reconstruction of Lochore (Inchgall) Castle,

Fife, Scotland. c.16th century.





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We will be adding more bells, whistles and other neat stuff as we go. Keep checking back to see our progress! This is just a beginning for a great website!! Thanks to you all for your support! We now have 199 members!


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This is our new version website and we'll be working on it as we go. Our original website was started October 30, 2008, and at the time of this change had over 11,000 hits . This new one is beginning July 2016 and starting back up at 11,000. You can email us at, or


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'Wardlaw ivermair!'