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Clan Wardlaw Association was founded in October 2004 with 100 Charter Members. We have now grown to over 230 members in many countries around the world.


Clan Wardlaw Association
Inauguration: December 2004
We are a non-profit organization
Scope: Worldwide
Membership: 230
Other related clans: Macdougall, Stewart, and Maxwell (see ‘Ancestral Earth - Part Two’)
Symbols of the Clan Wardlaw:
Coat-of-arms: Three gold mascles surrounded by twelve white estoiles, all on a shield of blue with, below, the slogan ‘Wardlaw Ivermair!’
Slogan: 'Wardlaw ivermair!' 
(Wardlaw evermore!)

Wardlaw Tartan: Registered as No. 6600 in the Scottish Tartan Authority’s Intl. Tartan Index.
Clan Wardlaw Centers:
America and Scotland
Our website: www.clanwardlaw.com
Our email: dianewardlaw7@yahoo.com
Our Board Officers:
President: Mark Wardlaw

Treasurer: Wm. F. 'Bill' Wardlaw
Wardlaw Heritage Library Administrator: Diane Wardlaw - 727-415-4435  
Board Members:
Bill Wardlaw      Allen Ford        
Jackie Jung     Jim Wardlaw

Jean Coker      Dylan Wardlow

Diane Wardlaw

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'Wardlaw ivermair!'