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Welcome to the Clan Wardlaw Association website!

We have lots of Wardlaw information for everyone, and lots of great things going on! Be sure to visit often and we hope you can join us!! We have members from the countries shown here with their flags!  Wardlaws are truly international!!  WELCOME, SWEDEN!!!

From Brownsburg, Virginia

There's a very nice article in today's Staunton News Leader about the Museum's "Civil War:  Brownsburg" exhibit and its accompanying book "First and Last to Pay the Price."  Here's the link:

Last year on eBay!

"Confederate Diaries and Letters" - by Pamela Stanfield

Civil War diaries and letters by Robert H. (E63) Wardlaw, and William Clarke (F50) Wardlaw - Lots of personal and family information, of Robert Henry Wardlaw's 10 sons who served the Confederacy and much more! A touching look into these families and what they went through during the Civil War.

"This book contains three diaries as well as various Civil War letters and documents. The first diary was written by Robert H. Wardlaw in 1820 when he was 13 years old and a young scholar and continues until age 18 when he learns of the death of his mother while he was away at school. Robert Wardlaw's ten sons all served the Confederacy and one of those sons, William C. Wardlaw is the author of the other two diaries. William Wardlaw was a captain in Company K of the 2nd SC Rifles, Jenkins Brigade. In addition to daily entries, he logs his locations when letters were sent or received. He writes almost daily of Molly, until he marries Josie. He reports Lincoln's death and the "humiliating ordeal of stacking our arms in the presence of the enemy" at Appomattox Court House. The diaries and letters were transcribed as written, as close to the originals as possible. Some photos are included which provide a realistic view of these fragile pieces of history."

Confederate Diaries and Letters by Pamela Stanfield (2015, Paperback)

$13.62 Buy It Now, plus $3.99 shipping. There are more than 10 available! I got one for the Clan Wardlaw Heritage Library and it is really a treasure trove of details and insights into these families. I highly recommend this book!

on eBay! Edward Henderson's book comes available on eBay from time to time! Chock full of very early Wardlaw history!! Your CWA Heritage Library now owns 5 of these books. We offer them for sale for $60 each, or if you join as a Platinum Member at $250 you get one free with your membership. You also get a copy of ''Ancestral Earth II'.

The History of Lochoreshire by E Henderson (h/b, pub. 1988)

Mark Wardlaw sent us this Scotland flag with all Scotland's names on it including OURS!!

Our New Vice-President, Mark Wardlaw, one of our main advertisers has a General Contractor business you should check out! Like him on Facebook, or go to his website.


News From Brownsburg, Virginia! Friday, June 20

“Historic Cemetery Preservation” a talk by professional gravestone conservator, Jonathan Appell, will take place at 7 p.m. at New Providence Presbyterian Church on Friday, June 20.  The church is located on Route 252 north of Brownsburg.   Everyone is invited.  For more information, contact the church office at 348-5881.  Mr. Appell is helping members of New Providence repair, clean, and conserve some of the older stones in the church cemetery.

Here is a picture of the two Wardlaw stones they refurbished, cleaned and re-set! Beautiful! Thanks!

Both New Providence and Brownsburg were established on lands owned by the Wardlaw family.  William and Mary Wardlaw's stones were both leaning at a dangerous angle, and in need of a cleaning.  The stones are early sandstone tablet stones, and would probably break if they continued to lean at this angle.
Here is the "after" shot of the Wardlaw stones which were straightened and cleaned under the supervision of Jonathan Appell, Gravestone Conservator.  To stabilize the stones, they were dug out, and replaced in the ground at the correct height (with 1/3 of the tablet stone actually below the grade), plumbed, leveled, and secured in place with gravel and sand.  Mary is on the left, William on the right.  Mary's epitaph reads:  "Affection weeps, Heaven rejoiceth."  William's says:  "His body perisheth, but his virtues live." 

Bishop Henry Wardlaw Statue is finished and up! Here are the first pictures!


 Upper Long Cane Cemetery - Abbeville, South Carolina

The project:  Wardlaw Family Gravestone Restoration at Upper Long Cane Cemetery – Abbeville, South Carolina.  Brad Evans, owner of the Harris Funeral Home in Abbeville, has offered to clean the forty-three Wardlaw stones in the cemetery.  Mr. Evans has done this for other families and the results have been remarkable.  The stones have been professionally cleaned, whitened and made very readable.  When you are in Abbeville, be sure and visit the cemetery where so many of our ancestors are buried.

One of the first photos to come in, this is the fenced Wardlaw plot, the cleaned stones are beautiful! The rest of the stones have also now been cleaned and photos will be on here shortly!

The cost:  The price quoted for such a restoration is normally $2,500.  Mr. Evans is graciously offering us a 20% discount and asks $2,000 for the work.  To date, your CWA collected the amount and paid for the cleaning.  This project honors the entire Wardlaw Family.  As descendents of Robert, the first to America, we all have relatives, close or distant, in this most famous of Abbeville cemeteries!

Wardlaw ivermair!

Bill Wardlaw, President - Clan Wardlaw Association

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