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Welcome to the Clan Wardlaw Association website!

We have lots of Wardlaw information for everyone, and lots of great things going on! Be sure to visit often and we hope you can join us!! We have members from the countries shown here with their flags!  Wardlaws are truly international!!  WELCOME, SWEDEN!!!

Today on eBay! Edward Henderson's book is available AGAIN! Chock full of very early Wardlaw history!!

History of Lochoreshire: 1 new match today - March 25, 2015


The History of Lochoreshire by E Henderson (h/b, pub. 1988)

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Seedbed of the Wardlaws - has a beautiful 2015 Calendar!

Mark Wardlaw sent us this Scotland flag with all Scotland's names on it including OURS!!

Our New Vice-President, Mark Wardlaw, one of our main advertisers has a General Contractor business you should check out! Like him on Facebook, or go to his website.


News From Brownsburg, Virginia! Friday, June 20

“Historic Cemetery Preservation” a talk by professional gravestone conservator, Jonathan Appell, will take place at 7 p.m. at New Providence Presbyterian Church on Friday, June 20.  The church is located on Route 252 north of Brownsburg.   Everyone is invited.  For more information, contact the church office at 348-5881.  Mr. Appell is helping members of New Providence repair, clean, and conserve some of the older stones in the church cemetery.

Here is a picture of the two Wardlaw stones they refurbished, cleaned and re-set! Beautiful! Thanks!

Both New Providence and Brownsburg were established on lands owned by the Wardlaw family.  William and Mary Wardlaw's stones were both leaning at a dangerous angle, and in need of a cleaning.  The stones are early sandstone tablet stones, and would probably break if they continued to lean at this angle.
Here is the "after" shot of the Wardlaw stones which were straightened and cleaned under the supervision of Jonathan Appell, Gravestone Conservator.  To stabilize the stones, they were dug out, and replaced in the ground at the correct height (with 1/3 of the tablet stone actually below the grade), plumbed, leveled, and secured in place with gravel and sand.  Mary is on the left, William on the right.  Mary's epitaph reads:  "Affection weeps, Heaven rejoiceth."  William's says:  "His body perisheth, but his virtues live." 

Bishop Henry Wardlaw Statue is finished and up! Here are the first pictures!


 Please join us to have a part in honoring Foster Wardlaw and also doing this work on the Wardlaw cemetery gravestones. Please send your donations to the Clan Wardlaw Association, 7807 Lorne St., New Port Richey, FL 34653; or you can do PayPal.

Dear Members  -  As you all know, we lost a dear and devoted family member, Clan Wardlaw Association Vice President Foster B. Wardlaw, Jr., in December.  Since then, your CWA has been actively soliciting donations for an appropriate and worthwhile project to remember and to honor Foster.  We are pleased to announce that Diane Wardlaw has found what we feel is just such a project after much searching on her part.  Our board has unanimously voted yes on this project.

The project:  Wardlaw Family Gravestone Restoration at Upper Long Cane Cemetery – Abbeville, South Carolina.  Brad Evans, owner of the Harris Funeral Home in Abbeville, has offered to clean the forty-three Wardlaw stones in the cemetery.  Mr. Evans has done this for other families and the results have been remarkable.  The stones would be professionally cleaned, whitened and made very readable.  Also, the small chain fence around one of the Wardlaw plots would be cleaned and painted.  In addition to this, the Abbeville County Historical Society will display a plaque about Foster and this project and your CWA will provide an appropriate certificate to the ACHS and to Julie Wardlaw. 

One of the first photos to come in, this is the fenced Wardlaw plot, the cleaned stones are beautiful! The rest of the stones have also now been cleaned and photos will be on here shortly!

The cost:  The price quoted for such a restoration is normally $2,500.  Mr. Evans is graciously offering us a 20% discount and asks $2,000 for the work.  To date, your CWA has collected $575 in donations specific to the Foster Wardlaw project.  So we would cover the additional $1,425. We currently have more than sufficient funds in our accounts to cover this and we feel this would be one of those Wardlaw projects that would be a long-lasting, memorable and a most fitting tribute to Foster. Please keep in mind that we already have the blessing and support of Foster’s widow, Julie.  This project would not only honor Foster, but the entire Wardlaw Family.  As descendents of Robert, the first to America, we all have relatives, close or distant, in this most famous of Abbeville cemeteries! Please join us to have a part in this!

Wardlaw ivermair!

Bill Wardlaw, President - Clan Wardlaw Association

We have lost a beloved partner in our Clan Wardlaw. Vice-President Foster Bradley Wardlaw, Jr. passed away December 11, 2013 and we miss him terribly! The Clan Wardlaw Association is going to make a donation to the Abbeville County Historical Society in his name. We have been getting donations toward this endeavor and we want to pay our respects. Please let us know if you want to join in. Email us at:



Check out our Wardlaw trees on  ~  'America Wardlaws' and 'Scotland Wardlaws'. AND, OUR TREE 'BLACK WARDLAWS' BEING UPDATED CONTINUALLY! Check out all these resources to find all our ancestors!!

See the page link above to 'Black Wardlaws'. Updated today June 9, 2014 ..... NEW SUB-PAGES AND PICS!!!




I updated the website to include the test results:
When you go to this website, look at all the tabs to see results and lots of other neat stuff! As for American Wardlaws descended from Immigrant Robert Wardlaw, we are missing participants for the following lines:  James Wardlaw (C1), Joseph Wardlaw (C5), and Margaret Wardlaw (C7).
The priority for the Wardlaw DNA Project is to enlist Wardlaws in Scotland.  More specifically, we need Wardlaw men to submit YDNA37 marker tests or greater.
Curiously, our present Wardlaw YDNA tests match men with different surnames.  For whatever reason, these non-Wardlaws are reluctant to join the project.  Their joining would greatly enhance our efforts … hopefully they will join one day.  Their YDNA proves their Wardlaw heritage.
As for the Family Finder Tests, I recently noticed several connections to descendants of the “Wardloe” family.  This could be significant! 
Finally, we need to encourage ALL Family Finder test participants to review their matches regularly and contact others with the Wardlaw/Wardlow/Wardloe name listed.  The more people we have in the project, the better our analysis.
Yours, Trevor



"Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family" available on eBay!! (this is an old item, but I think they have more copies available, check and see. A nice reprint!)

Now you can get a reprint of this great book from Joseph G. Wardlaw, written in 1929! They print them there, so there are always many available and at a terrific price. Order yours today. Don't forget, this book is also reproduced in my book "Wardlaw Chronicle" and is now indexed in my book. See page 'Wardlaw Books' for more info.

Item title:            GENEALOGY OF THE WARDLAW FAMILY  1929  reprint
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Looking for your ancestry line?

I am available to do ancestry/genealogy research for you. This can be as simple or extensive as you wish. I charge $50 for the first day's research and then depending on what I find, and how much more you want me to do, it is $50 a day after that. I can create ancestry/genealogy charts for you, and even create a hardcover book with your info and pictures in it. Tell me as much as you know on your family and I can take it from there.

It is really exciting to see your family tree charted out on paper and see how far back you can go! You could even know the ship your ancestors came over on, where they settled, and much more! Start your search today by writing down what you know and then write to me.

Brownsburg, Virginia ~ Wardlaw homeland

Hello from Mary Woodson, Brownsburg Community Association

 The Clan Wardlaw Association is a member of this organization, which encourages and supports the history of Brownsburg, the seedbed of our Wardlaws when they first settled in America.

Brownsburg Museum and across the street Old South Antiques - Main Street, aka Brownsburg Turnpike


Another very interesting item, for those of you interested in Scotland and archaeology!  The Roman fortlet project, apparently the facebook website, launched by Steve Jennings,
is attracting many 'hits', all favourable.


What's around YOUR neck????     Wardlaw Tartan, PRICELESS!!! (See 'Shop Online' page!)


NEW! See 'Shop Online!' page. You can purchase Wardlaw items using Paypal or any credit card or bank.

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A new thing I have created ! This site is a collection of photos of things I love and like. Beautiful photos and music, scenes and flowers, animals and Indians! I add to this all the time, there are so many wonderful things of interest to me! Here is a look, this is what I have created! check it out!

Quay-Wardlaw House ~ SC Historical Marker    SEE THIS NEWS ON THE CHARITIES PAGE!!

New Page and Project ~ 'BLACK WARDLAWS'

Updated today, July 18, 2014


See the page 'Black Wardlaws' and the projects we are working on. We are building a Tree on to compile everyone's information to enable more people to search and find their links. We hope to use the tree in conjunction with other documents, wills and family histories to put a picture together for you to find your Wardlaw roots.

New stuff added on to this 'Black Wardlaws' page almost daily! Check it out!! Today we've added a new sub-page called Jamaica Wardlaws, with Slave Registers from Jamaica, several parishes. Check it out....  More today on the Buffalo Soldiers!

Our Trees now available:

America Wardlaws

Scotland Wardlaws

Black Wardlaws

New page above: Bishop Henry Wardlaw Statue at St Andrews Scotland!

New Item now available! Wardlaw Tartan Rosettes! $8 each +$1 shipping. See new page 'Shop Online!'

These are 2-1/4" across and have a clasp pin on the back to pin to your kilt or shawl! Hand-made in Scotland for us!

A note from the creator of these terrific Rosettes and a link to her really creative site:

Hi Diane,   Thanks so much for getting in touch and for your kind comments! I'm so pleased that you like the brooches and that they're proving to be popular. My Dad passed on to me a great love and admiration for the history of Scotland and its Clans, and it's wonderful to know that the Clan system is still flourishing, be it here or 'across the pond' in the big ol' US of A.

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for you and Andrew's input into my burgeoning relationship with House of Tartan. Hopefully it's going to lead to great things! I received my first order today, for ten brooches. Very happy!

Kind regards,  Fionna x

Click here to see her site:

See the page above, 'Books of Interest' for reprints of the book "Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family" available for purchase.

Please remember when searching for 'Wardlaw' on eBay or other places, the 'Wardlaw Manuscript' is a book on the place name of 'Ward Law' hill in Inverness and is not anything about the 'Wardlaws', but only a history of the Frasier and Lovat families in that area. This is covered in my book 'Ancestral Earth', with pictures of the 'Wardlaw Church' there, as well as the cemetery. This place has no Wardlaw family connections at all.

NEW PAGE - "Writings" Check it out!!

See the new link above, "Wardlaw Chronicle II"

Attention Members:

I am working on my next book "Wardlaw Chronicle II" and will be getting different chapters to a rough draft finished version as I go. You may order a free .pdf version of chapters I will list here as they come available. I am adding information continually to all the chapters in the book, but some are partially done now.

Email me at:

Chapters you can order now:

(A1) Robert Wardlaw

(C4) Captain Hugh Wardlaw

(C6) Robert Wardlaw

Brownsburg VA Wardlaw Houses & Lands

(E6) William M. Wardlaw

Addison Wardlaw (F Generation)

(D41-D4*) John Wardlow

(F) John Douglas Wardlaw

(F) William Lewis Wardlaw

Three Sisters in Black - Excerpts from the book with pictures and charts showing the Wardlaw sisters and family. Two new pictures never seen before.

Wardlaw Book Special!

4GB Flash Drive with all FIVE of the Wardlaw books on it! Plus on the flash drive, two large folders of all my Scotland photographs, plus the latest Clan Wardlaw Newsletters, 'Wardlaw ivermair!'!  The books and newsletters are in .pdf form, easy for anyone to open and read.

All of this for $50 USD! Check, or you can PayPal me to:

"Ancestral Earth"

"Ancestral Earth - Part Two"

"Ancestral Earth - Part Three"

"Wardlaw Chronicle"

"The Wardlaws in Scotland"

(See more about these Wardlaw books on the 'Wardlaw Books' page)

Now Available!!

"The Slogans and Warcries of Scotland of Old"

by Andrew Pearson

This book has lots of interesting data about Wardlaws, Clan Wardlaw, and some history. A very complete and comprehensive collection of clan slogans and warcries, their origins, background, pictures of locations, etc.

Available to pre-order now, £30 ($47USD) plus shipping! Be among the first to order this important book! Email or Paypal (PayPal converts the currency automatically) to order today,


Our Mascot and Star, Foster's granddaughter, Suzi, in her Wardlaw Tartan finery!!!! At the Greenville Games the weekend of May 29, 2010 at Greenville, South Carolina!At the Grandfather Mt. Games, and bottom at the Loch Hartwell Games at Anderson, SC.

See our Reunion pics and the 2008 and 2009 Scotland trips on the Photo Gallery page! Brownsburg, VA is now a Photo Gallery, too!


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New pages: New Photo Gallery! NEW info just added, NEW 'BLACK WARDLAWS', 'Wardlaw Chronicle II', 'Books of Interest' and 'Writings'!
New Wardlaw Reunions!
New Chapters available in 'Wardlaw Chronicle II'. See link above.
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'Wardlaw ivermair!'

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